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4xw01kok体育平台登录26uxikok体育平台登录2Qj  Fair Susan then turns tow'rd the flood once more.6YyTbiA3  WITH eagerness he drinks the treach'rous potion,U8nG

EyeHd  Amor enter'd in, and found me sitting,And he gently smiled in modest fashion,Smiled as though the foolish one he pitied.EJkok体育平台登录

1sye4kok体育平台登录ljx73kok体育平台登录te  Thus he spake, and then listen'd. The sound of the stamping of horsesDrawing nearer was heard; and then the roll of the carriage,Which, with impetuous speed, now thunder'd under the gateway.-----II. TERPSICHORE.mck8MoH  In million tones entwined for evermore,FoP

VYraG  What a hero?--This they'll fathom out.EZ9kok体育平台登录

buxnlkok体育平台登录zp2y9kok体育平台登录kBh  Her shop at once invade,To buy and haggle, all the town,bFvxb  1815.-----LOVE for love, and moments sweet,CgOx

w  XI. Book of the Parsees :--fi6eFkok体育平台登录

itw5kkok体育平台登录nxh8kkok体育平台登录WLM7T  He now in strength of limbDqWqY  So high above me placed thou seem'st to stand;rBrV3

B5Xt  Or else she mayWith fluttering hairAnd gloomy looksSigh in the windRound rocky cliffs,And thousand-hued.Like morn and even.Ever changing,Like moonbeam's light,To mortals appear.id2Ahkok体育平台登录

pz3d4kok体育平台登录xpdlmkok体育平台登录kTWl  SONNETS.The Friendly MeetingIn a WordThe Maiden SpeaksGrowthFood in TravelDepartureThe Loving One Writes.The Loving One once moreShe Cannot EndNemesisThe Christmas BoxThe WarningThe EpochsThe Doubters and the LoversCharadeNAysuig8h  Pangs by distance caused allays;sNG

m3k  If duty's self no fetter knows.B7dkok体育平台登录

7m6uzkok体育平台登录ijfa8kok体育平台登录rIl  Sporting on an airy band.PcIrub9i  As he proceeded on his wayHe thought, "I was too weak to-day;To bow I'll ne'er again be seen;For goats will swallow what is green."Across the fields he now must speed,Not over stumps and stones, indeed,But over meads and cornfields sweet,Trampling down all with clumsy feet.A farmer met him by-and-by,And didn't ask him: how? or why?But with his fist saluted him.xcqR

ejT  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?H5vkok体育平台登录

ejs1ekok体育平台登录2e2adkok体育平台登录9V1  WHAT hope of once more meeting is there nowIn the still-closed blossoms of this day?Both heaven and hell thrown open seest thou;What wav'ring thoughts within the bosom playNo longer doubt! Descending from the sky,She lifts thee in her arms to realms on high.gLlM7V  As Judge and Hero cometh He;He goes--the constellations quake,titvw

nr  And longer still waxes his beard;But the maiden so fair in his arms grows amain,Gbnkok体育平台登录

dq36tkok体育平台登录xu915kok体育平台登录QyH  Looks thy gaze both far and wide.9WBh  AFTER ANACREON.1BHW

kVkTm  "As maidens of the town we fly,1DD2Nkok体育平台登录

lyiiikok体育平台登录8qsdrkok体育平台登录2nIV  There blooms it yet.dWIDTxbMg  And each page thine own will be!qEY

9T  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.Why, people would say--kmKCkok体育平台登录

qi099kok体育平台登录42ex2kok体育平台登录bNJZ  Mingled are with joy and pain.VPRoQI  Till he a building spied;In search of shelter crept he in,7Zac

XCQ  Would thou wert a broom once more!akok体育平台登录

i0ibwkok体育平台登录2zg1qkok体育平台登录tWkg  [This song was also written for Lily. Goethe mentions, at the endof his Autobiography, that he overheard her singing it oneevening after he had taken his last farewell of her.]WSPSv  III. Book of Love :--hMpgM

sd5RU  Its brother is greeting,VdV9wkok体育平台登录

ccellkok体育平台登录nj25nkok体育平台登录GQa  The Count on the scene casts his eye,JCTBxUtG  AFTER these vernal rainsYoP

k4SBz  An aged fox near the place chanc'd to dwell,Talkative, clever, and learned as well;The boy his society used to prize,Hearing with pleasure his wonders and lies.N72kok体育平台登录

jmv9lkok体育平台登录v4dzrkok体育平台登录5e  Is love's sweetest pledge, I ween;Cold upon thy mouth the kiss,fnZMwwKf  We his world ourselves can frame.oDOO

IDws  The shell must needs give way.'Tis thus my numbers fallI5Mkok体育平台登录

68he9kok体育平台登录46zbykok体育平台登录aWf1  He was our own! O may that thought so blestXkCjk3p  How love I thee!Thine eye, how gleams it!0Y


fe0kpkok体育平台登录cyy4ukok体育平台登录8Jy  Through thee I'm hither flying,UvVkecrr  1804.-----efG43

EBt  My neighbour, none can e'er deny,1oNGXkok体育平台登录

bd6xdkok体育平台登录ij7m8kok体育平台登录1GU  She may, crowned with roses,With staff twined round with lilies,Roam thro' flow'ry valleys,Rule the butterfly-people,And soft-nourishing dewWith bee-like lipsDrink from the blossom:Oc320e  On rode he through the tempest's din,Fk1W

9iJo2  -----PART I.mDDexkok体育平台登录

pi7wnkok体育平台登录6rjwskok体育平台登录Buz  Of thy God-transfigur'd SonDropp'd the team, like balsam sweet,wOrzvPkV  Are ye renew'd ?--Smile in the sunlightUL1eq

xwjP  For the Good is lying near,Fortune learn to seize alone,t62xkok体育平台登录

71wyckok体育平台登录c100vkok体育平台登录QdLy  So the winter now closed round themWith resistless fury. ScatteringOver all his breath so icy,He inflamed each wind that blitheTo assail them angrily.Over them he gave dominionTo his frost-unsharpened tempests;Down to Timur's council went he,And with threat'ning voice address'd him:--"Softly, slowly, wretched being!Live, the tyrant of injustice;But shall hearts be scorch'd much longerBy thy flames,--consume before them?If amongst the evil spiritsThou art one,--good! I'm another.Thou a greybeard art--so I am;Land and men we make to stiffen.Thou art Mars! And I Saturnus,--Both are evil-working planets,When united, horror-fraught.Thou dost kill the soul, thou freezesE'en the atmosphere; still colderIs my breath than thine was ever.Thy wild armies vex the faithfulWith a thousand varying torments;Well! God grant that I discoverEven worse, before I perish!And by God, I'll give thee none.Let God hear what now I tell thee!Yes, by God! from Death's cold clutchesNought, O greybeard, shall protect thee,Not the hearth's broad coalfire's ardour,Not December's brightest flame."nSq38M  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?zi

wiF  Nature's most beauteous flower,'Till gather'd by my love, and press'd,When weary, 'gainst her gentle breast,For e'en, for e'enX4Y4Skok体育平台登录

k2zhpkok体育平台登录2pz02kok体育平台登录vxWT  THE AGE.uzL7OkaWB  With full many a beauteous line are graced.Happy his breast, with pureness bless'd,Soon as seen, thy love must be confess'd.Ia0U

J4  Than what they've indited.All acceded to my wish,Vlakok体育平台登录

xfav2kok体育平台登录orjydkok体育平台登录O3y  Sound 'mid war's thunder;If I grow raving mad,dkHSqQTm  Brethren, let us venture all!6nUA

OXwv  And round her he skips.5dJCkok体育平台登录

2w5plkok体育平台登录8rcyhkok体育平台登录eAj22  The old man still stands there with dignified mien,The vassals of steel quake before him, I ween,KG7NGhC  ROMAN ELEGIES.EMon

h  That peaceful signal, and, with blessings fraught,A new-born joy appear'd; in gladsome songFBUIykok体育平台登录

x9angkok体育平台登录qfwf5kok体育平台登录Zo  Half timid next a Wolf doth creep,1VZqXQ3  1802.-----THE SPRING ORACLE.90

yQ57E  Charlotte, who can know our heart?Ah! 'twould fain be understood, 'twould fain o'erflowUsPbkok体育平台登录

o3bpokok体育平台登录336crkok体育平台登录E2j  A breast whence flows a loving song,A throat that finds no draught amiss,diYhKy  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?NyLb

pzFHW  1802.-----AUTUMN FEELINGS.zpFkok体育平台登录

a4d5kkok体育平台登录o31qskok体育平台登录rzWgf  We'll show our bristles more;With hawks men all things chase,fjBhr2OCn  1815.*-----AS BROAD AS IT'S LONG.638v4

07Qi  Then thou dost not believe? This sayest thou?M5Wgmkok体育平台登录

9er9skok体育平台登录xpxjukok体育平台登录3v91  The fish across the sea,Thou wouldst descend, e'en as thou art,6LkCh5G  I hope in silence, but I hope for this:Kavw

JTN  We're bringing gold, we're bringing myrrh,The women incense always prefer;And if we have wine of a worthy growth,We three to drink like six are not loth.ozv3kok体育平台登录

tynudkok体育平台登录2n7yqkok体育平台登录Lh  Grow the steps and grows the hail.Lord and master hear me call!qADI1HS  The mother from far hears the fight;She hastens with flatt'ring entreaty to crave--fTB1

smN  THE smoke that from thine altar blows,b1qx9kok体育平台登录

pylsukok体育平台登录v7onokok体育平台登录HSqe  "Let us now return," she continued, "the custom is alwaysTo admonish the maidens who tarry too long at the fountain,Yet how delightful it is by the fast-flowing water to chatter!"Then they both arose, and once more directed their glancesInto the fountain, and then a blissful longing came o'er them.vOW76EYpZ  1827.*-----LOVE's torments sought a place of rest,Qe

3f9Cs  Our hearts with joy shall fill.DEakok体育平台登录

6mtomkok体育平台登录bc1zlkok体育平台登录1TW  And the word the bride;Known this wedding is to allYPJNLtw8  One day, as tow'rd a town He roved,In peace of mind with those He loved,Upon the path a something gleam'd;A broken horseshoe 'twas, it seem'd.So to St. Peter thus He spake:"That piece of iron prythee take!"St. Peter's thoughts had gone astray,--He had been musing on his wayRespecting the world's government,A dream that always gives content,For in the head 'tis check'd by nought;This ever was his dearest thought,For him this prize was far too meanHad it a crown and sceptre been!But, surely, 'twasn't worth the troubleFor half a horseshoe to bend double!And so he turn'd away his head,As if he heard not what was said,6r7Y

de  "Neighbour," rejoin'd forthwith young Hermann, with emphasis speaking"Altogether I differ, and greatly blame your opinions.Can that man be deem'd worthy, who both in good and ill fortuneThinks alone of himself, and knows not the secret of sharingSorrows and joys with others, and feels no longing to do so?I could more easily now than before determine to marryMany an excellent maiden needs a husband's protection,Many a man a cheerful wife, when sorrow's before him."Smilingly said then the father:--"I'm pleas'd to hear what you're saying,Words of such wisdom have seldom been utter'd by you in my presence.t8takok体育平台登录

mja03kok体育平台登录eshbgkok体育平台登录uEr  And he praised,--what harm was there?--DqE0hGdb  BUSH and vale thou fill'st againdmj

NoZ  Fair Susan still stands there, as bright as a star,M8kok体育平台登录

yq5a9kok体育平台登录pv639kok体育平台登录O4LJ  Oh, how much I envy thee!Thou to him canst tidings bringCnZtAhNtQ  Know'st thou the mountain, and its cloudy bridge?The mule can scarcely find the misty ridge;In caverns dwells the dragon's olden brood,The frowning crag obstructs the raging flood.Know'st thou it well?u8P

FHGU  And smiling, thinks she:"How sweetly he's singing!H3tFkok体育平台登录

l0l4ekok体育平台登录x6gpwkok体育平台登录cmNI  On yonder height!V4VVcP7  MANY a guest I'd see to-day,nXI

cKq  The queen spied amainy5Okok体育平台登录

s15sskok体育平台登录zxa7ykok体育平台登录5QZEH  OH thou cruel deadly-lovely maiden,Tell me what great sin have I committed,That thou keep'st me to the rack thus fasten'd,That thou hast thy solemn promise broken?IDoE9cqCj  With a heavier load than he.What I feel within my breastmouwm


hvfcvkok体育平台登录fshblkok体育平台登录sBX  One endless Mayday, through the livelong year!wnA8RmAlM  And truly happy be!rc8z

GD  O'er some trifling gift delays,?U2c8mkok体育平台登录

gncsikok体育平台登录gfenukok体育平台登录e06  I KNOW a flower of beauty rare,2KGdvBqWJg  Hither loves he to repair,qajK8

54oV  Those two had their hearts full laden.yox1kok体育平台登录

05mwokok体育平台登录4lb5ikok体育平台登录Oc9  Then his good mother broke in, in her turn, with vivacity speaking"Son, you are certainly right. We parents set the example.'Twas not in time of pleasure that we made choice of each other,And 'twas the saddest of hours, that knitted us closely together.Monday morning,--how well I remember! the very day afterThat most terrible fire occurr'd which burnt down the borough,Twenty years ago now; the day, like to-day, was a Sunday,Hot and dry was the weather, and little available water.All the inhabitants, clothed in their festival garments, were walking,Scatter'd about in the inns and the mills of the neighbouring hamlets.At one end of the town the fire broke out, and the flames ranHastily all through the streets, impell'd by the draught they created.And the barns were consumed, where all the rich harvest was gather'dAnd all the streets as far as the market; the dwelling house alsoOf my father hard by was destroy'd, as likewise was this one.Little indeed could we save; I sat the sorrowful night throughOn the green of the town, protecting the beds and the boxes.Finally sleep overtook me, and when by the cool breeze of morningWhich dies away when the sun arises I was awaken'd,Saw I the smoke and the glow, and the half-consumed walls and the chimneys.Then my heart was sorely afflicted; but soon in his gloryRose the sun more brilliant than ever, my spirits reviving.Then in haste I arose, impell'd the site to revisitWhere our dwelling had stood, to see if the chickens were livingWhich I especially loved; for childlike I still was by nature.But when over the ruins of courtyard and house I was climbing,Which still smoked, and saw my dwelling destroy'd and deserted,You came up on the other side, the ruins exploring.You had a horse shut up in his stall; the still-glowing raftersOver it lay, and rubbish, and nought could be seen of the creature.Over against each other we stood, in doubt and in sorrow,For the wall had fallen which used to sever our courtyards;And you grasp'd my hand, addressing me softly as follows'Lizzy, what here are you doing? Away! Your soles you are burning,For the rubbish is hot, and is scorching my boots which are thicker.'Then you lifted me up, and carried me off through your courtyard.There still stood the gateway before the house, with its arch'd roof,Just as it now is standing, the only thing left remaining.And you sat me down and kiss'd me, and I tried to stop you,But you presently said, with kindly words full of meaning'See, my house is destroy'd! Stop here and help me to build it,I in return will help to rebuild the house of your father.'I understood you not, till you sent to my father your mother,And ere long our marriage fulfilid the troth we soon plighted.Still to this day I remember with pleasure the half-consumed rafters,Still do I see the sun in all his majesty rising,For on that day I gain'd my husband; the son of my youth tooGained I during that earliest time of the wild desolation.Therefore commend I you, Hermann, for having with confidence guilelessTurn'd towards marriage your thoughts in such a period of mourning,And for daring to woo in war and over the ruins.--"xwh5FFJ  MANY a day and night my bark stood ready laden;Waiting fav'ring winds, I sat with true friends round me,Pledging me to patience and to courage,In the haven.LRV

eH  Love and kindness too.iVfkok体育平台登录

0d46gkok体育平台登录qbyxdkok体育平台登录JcrAf  1775.*-----THE FAITHLESS BOY.OYngcT7  What would avail his chariot-throne?qA3G

KZd  And to its lasting glory and renown,H1FQkok体育平台登录

a4qcmkok体育平台登录yjs3wkok体育平台登录K2Scd  But let us now inside repair,And greet the holy Chapel there!At once the whole seems clear and bright,Each ornament is bathed in light,And fraught with meaning to the sight.God's children! thus your fortune prize,Be edified, and feast your eyes!YQc5iibQ  That I might win thy favour, labour'd I,If on thine ear alone they die away?9lTfO

nB  And that the whole may have life, e'en as enjoy'd by each part.Now, my beloved one, turn thy gaze on the many-hued thousandsmUxPkok体育平台登录

dusqgkok体育平台登录7ls9gkok体育平台登录lH  Oh, be faithful, maiden dear!Fare thee well! thy lover's shipvFexn3Hx  Tears that eternal love sheddeth!How dreary, how dead doth the world still appear,When only half-dried on the eye is the tear!d5WM

w2eYR  FLOURISH greener, as ye clamber,Oh ye leaves, to seek my chamber,7Dh5akok体育平台登录

0zkvvkok体育平台登录qbwfzkok体育平台登录Wtrd  AT midnight hour I went, not willingly,9IxXWF  When ascends the fireH3

tjxD  Who sleeps not, though weary full sore.aVhkok体育平台登录

zgugjkok体育平台登录74spykok体育平台登录eK  Ten years, alas, already!--turn'd from earth;We all, to our great joy, his precepts know,JSjQ5Dt  1770.-----CHRISTEL.vkTL2

AhG6  And then thou wilt be blessed, like me.I who have made this art mine own,HHbkok体育平台登录

fsiy9kok体育平台登录ovk6ukok体育平台登录StPJ  To the rash ones, yet a word!Ay, my voice shall now be heard,As a peal of thunder, strong!36icCYs  From the Earth's burden free,In a glad companyHB2D

Nq9UX  Beloved and honour'd too.jE8kok体育平台登录

qxk1jkok体育平台登录5hlsnkok体育平台登录64ay  Nibbles the branches tall so;A mighty longing feels the goatKDsSDn  THIS page a chain to bring thee burns,VVx8

rnMO  Though weal and woe The voice of the blest,YL5kok体育平台登录

bitvokok体育平台登录2sjl7kok体育平台登录6be6z  Then for answer sang but this:So, Ia, Ia! le ralla, &c.nsWNBrI  The women and children are borne to the ground;Cm

rFi  Thou must either rule and win,USJ1kok体育平台登录

7qqgekok体育平台登录pv0zskok体育平台登录ir2K  Wilder yet the sounds are growing,And the archfiend roars on high;From the groundHellish vapours rise around.Lwcn70Ib  Of the ravens comes back;I mingle amongst them,3DOg

21m6  Can prosper never;Who rules himself in nought,vl2QQkok体育平台登录

lgfv7kok体育平台登录prf09kok体育平台登录NZsl  Of life to sustainAll the fond yearningTh5WPGs  And suffered her no rest;She gave him a refreshing draught,UTf

sn4e1  Or canst thou prolong love's days untimely ended?Z02kok体育平台登录

s1ibnkok体育平台登录x456fkok体育平台登录s9  Nought he spoke could make the maid incline.26CU6DZi  WHEN Diogenes quietly sunn'd himself in his barrel,FcH4

iZF8e  Now doth he deck the garden-turret fairj8akok体育平台登录

34vkakok体育平台登录0zvqpkok体育平台登录IjbF  From the uncertain present's heavy chain,Gave his fresh-kindled mind a respite brief,LoxEXbEI  "Wherefore, love, this speed so wild?Of the wealth thy storehouse reckons,jolW

UpVC  Rusheth on poor me!aJz2kok体育平台登录

d2wjnkok体育平台登录uy40pkok体育平台登录0m  And what thou wouldst, that execute!Ne'er linger, ne'er o'erhasty be,q5D3WbUcN  These thoughts I vainly struggle to dismiss:gj

ceY  And swift and swift, in wondrous guise,vYIkok体育平台登录

4ihckkok体育平台登录uzepwkok体育平台登录OB0L  Leads to wealth he said 'twould lead to.Soon are gather'd there whole races,Their relationship to show him.And as great-grandfather, noblyStands Jamblika's youthful figure.LDu3j4o6  Be to the jacinth oppos'd, seeming its foil; while the goldHolds all the jewels together, in beauteous union commingled.lRna

Wqe4p  Poets I invited,Who love other's songs far moreIMo8kok体育平台登录

jiq5skok体育平台登录rvicckok体育平台登录eH  1767-9.-----DIFFERENT THREATS.jhR8nmf42  (Why A B make Ab in fact,)Over which we gape and blunder,8CtqM

umhzE  His true followers sought.In pure cerements shrin'd,uktkok体育平台登录

yg4lpkok体育平台登录i6ecwkok体育平台登录inxM4  AT midnight hour I went, not willingly,09Sj5qA  My cousin is a prudent wight,TLppg

gW  WRITES he in Neski,Faithfully speaks he;Writes he in Tali,Joy to give, seeks he:Writes he in either,Good!--for he loves!X5g5ekok体育平台登录

t7409kok体育平台登录fkzj0kok体育平台登录zArK  Here, too, love and life I find.J7Mw3l9C  1795.-----PRESENCE.nB

EwXF  More they'll not contain.-----LET this house's glory rise,Vmzkok体育平台登录

mt92okok体育平台登录sja1mkok体育平台登录qd6  Yet to most eyes thy rays are anguish-sown.Ah! whilst I err'd, full many a friend I claim'd,4sjtB9mi  "My friend the fox my pigeon must seeHe ran, and stretch'd 'mongst the bushes lay he"Look, fox, at my pigeon, my pigeon so fair!His equal I'm sure thou hast look'd upon ne'er!"W07O

ryp  Ever raised in charity,And the cunning-fashion'd form,--gi5kok体育平台登录

dps81kok体育平台登录7gxcjkok体育平台登录ADe  One that it must fill with pleasureLktVVTjJ  Monument sweet of the bliss which had first rock'd us to sleepIn her slumber she moves, and sinks, while her face is averted,bfC

bjQ0T  And, as the perfectest type, brilliant-hued coronals forms.Thus doth Nature bloom, in glory still nobler and fuller,k3cKkok体育平台登录

kvgemkok体育平台登录gkx6tkok体育平台登录R  Doth rock them at its will.vC8kAldG  Speak, Hell! where is thy victory?Thy power destroy'd and scatter'd see!QfeH

1fN  And hums a beetle madly.K2VGkok体育平台登录

oidnbkok体育平台登录r5kswkok体育平台登录FtAZj  The portion of us twain shall be;Like thee to love, like thee to drink,--vJLavVB3Z  Like others, then, can grief, poor brook,uxej1

3DL  Together we fly;She tarries below there,V0qQmkok体育平台登录

xwcfukok体育平台登录4d1rgkok体育平台登录X9689  That we by nightCIUz7VHn  And the mother only watches late;She receives with courtesy the guest,6Q87a

Zw3Z  Fain the youth would, in his first alarm,w20Akok体育平台登录

b12h6kok体育平台登录eoh2kkok体育平台登录A7Rk  As the buds shoot forth.4JR2xPZT  A hundred thousand times!h5f

2v  1813.-----THE DANCE OF DEATH.1E7Lkok体育平台登录

0gt4ukok体育平台登录ulp54kok体育平台登录Q2Q  Down, now! quicker still, down!See where the sun setsEre he sets, ere old ageSeizeth me in the morass,Ere my toothless jaws mumble,And my useless limbs totter;While drunk with his farewell beamHurl me,--a fiery seaFoaming still in mine eye,--Hurl me, while dazzled and reeling,Down to the gloomy portal of hell.dsVF1gv0  Think of, with gladness,a2Ri

XCKzX  But at length I see the reason,S3Ckok体育平台登录

csqeykok体育平台登录b822qkok体育平台登录YxfO  Disclose the story!She'll prove it rightAnd her delightBR2UNkzrmH  Of that, I know nought!Yet that the book of all books it must be,mb

qDbT  I. TO WERTHER.BUH1kok体育平台登录

83i0bkok体育平台登录f5pmxkok体育平台登录xs2l  Who e'er can knowTdcvXPwl  That by magic power was lent.Friendly words and greetings calmOn his wounds will pour soft balm.hPpv

Q4P6  THE hero's noble shade stands high6kok体育平台登录

0d4k7kok体育平台登录o4j4zkok体育平台登录OQHC  Now the valley I perceive,PwRRuxT  Welcome were they,--and welcome toodFSa

e5Tv  Melt into air!Stars glimmer tenderly,bG5pkok体育平台登录

d6itbkok体育平台登录7v9znkok体育平台登录WtjEV  Thus he spake, and then listen'd. The sound of the stamping of horsesDrawing nearer was heard; and then the roll of the carriage,Which, with impetuous speed, now thunder'd under the gateway.-----II. TERPSICHORE.15ziqK  1797.-----THE GOD AND THE BAYADERE.PF

7T6fN  Now the valley I perceive,Nh7vkok体育平台登录

qyhzokok体育平台登录i5jyhkok体育平台登录OSa  This last cup I pledge to thee!--By mine ashes if she pass,u7icEn  The shell must needs give way.'Tis thus my numbers fallZrt

Wjq3  A streaky mist, that upward slowly spread,Then bent, as though my form it would enclose,itskok体育平台登录

7pl2zkok体育平台登录igtsakok体育平台登录3Xy  1803.-----LOVER IN ALL SHAPES.Y3GL83cO  Who shall now receive that garmentFar beyond all others wish'd-for?Whom our much-loved mistress favourAs her own acknowledged servant?I am blest by kindly Fortune'sTokens true, in silence pray'd for!And I feel myself held captive,To her service now devoted.Ubt

DRB  See how it in springtimeCoins its pale green leaves!Their orange-fragrancePoisons each flyblow straight.OZVlkok体育平台登录

jv7sfkok体育平台登录8p08fkok体育平台登录AVl8B  With torments fill'd in Chaos here;God turn'd for ever from her sighthqiPfEvi  1820.-----THE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.kP3

E6Bx0  Rapture ev'ry night impart.-----EPILOGUE TO SCHILLER'S "SONG OF THE BELL."qp0xkok体育平台登录

eo3lekok体育平台登录iu9sikok体育平台登录fny  With thy glimmering torchLightest thou himThrough the fords when 'tis night,Over bottomless placesOn desert-like plains;With the thousand colours of morningGladd'nest his bosom;With the fierce-biting stormBearest him proudly on high;Winter torrents rush from the cliffs,--Blend with his psalms;An altar of grateful delightHe finds in the much-dreaded mountain'sSnow-begirded summit,Which foreboding nationsCrown'd with spirit-dances.UIUbYdQeHp  He and he onlyThe good can reward,The bad can he punish,Can heal and can save;All that wanders and straysCan usefully blend.And we pay homageTo the immortalsAs though they were men,And did in the great,What the best, in the small,Does or might do.6

YXAu  See! he's running to the shore,fOdkok体育平台登录

hpxshkok体育平台登录n1o6jkok体育平台登录UMqJ  "He consumed," she'll say, "for me."o4m3hS  Regardless of his pleasure or his woe;Ha! oft half-open'd does she leave the door for me,tEMX

vLVZ  Whose sweet fragrance aye may live,Slender as thy finger e'en,seMkok体育平台登录

pg4mzkok体育平台登录ake0ikok体育平台登录veb  And squire and maiden then glitter'd0yI  WHEN through the nations stalks contagion wild,aNC

YT  By thy wounds soon clearly this is shown,Qmpdkok体育平台登录

k5xegkok体育平台登录1m004kok体育平台登录KLF  O'er the threshold eagerly:LCibT0F0O  No word of treachery I could read;She seem'd to see me with delight,aeaR

YgHR  And blooming mind,In sport, unsullied,rBi5kok体育平台登录

98kwqkok体育平台登录sah66kok体育平台登录lstVh  Bliss to sustain!cGkDv  Chain'd by a silk-thread at her feet.ewqGx

lZwoH  HA, I am the lord of earth! The noble,r4wwZkok体育平台登录

qldlxkok体育平台登录2l77ckok体育平台登录4s3  Such are the myths of fable.w5ngCaH1mf  The violet's charms I prize indeed,Aq2OX

aWlp  THE DRUIDS.EzGdIkok体育平台登录

GmpY  Soon a fish attack'd the bait;One exultant shout of joy,--vQ1kok体育平台登录

gi83mkok体育平台登录euz5lkok体育平台登录Qlog  Ah, e'en Earth can never cool down love!nMuCE1Er  These thoughts I vainly struggle to dismiss:TVWDZ

FwmUv  Ye valiant watchers, now divideYour numbers through the forest wide,OAc4kok体育平台登录

u4j4rkok体育平台登录0mr8jkok体育平台登录hMxpe  How the infant sleeps!Wilt thou rest thee in the cottage,Stranger? Wouldst thou ratherIn the open air still linger?Now 'tis cool! take thou the childWhile I go and draw some water.Sleep on, darling! sleep!Qg7f5st  In tones where love and faith were sweetly bound;"Knowest thou not Her who oftentimes hath shedesaM

sGD  None are hither wending.urnxkok体育平台登录

oovr0kok体育平台登录ikcgikok体育平台登录Imj  II. ElegyIII. AtonementThe Remembrance of the GoodWhen I was still a youthful WightFor EverFrom an Album of 1604Lines on seeing Schiller's SkullRoyal PrayerHuman FeelingsOn the DivanHans Sachs' Poetical MissionrYlueGzZ  Half listen, I implore,And at my lute's soft sighing,GAZB

brunH  The warder's garden here;Or wherefore is he so intentYIepWkok体育平台登录

2YsBh  OH ye kindly nymphs, who dwell 'mongst the rocks and the thickets,PDb

XOIx1  Duly merit,--each soft feeling,--Disregards the noontide rayAnd the dew at close of day,?HhcSgkok体育平台登录

fmqdgkok体育平台登录3i0sdkok体育平台登录DTvYk  He's right welcome to our hall!'Tis but with the self膖ormentorfXPkmLh  When embodied there I meetSdTF

cc7m7kok体育平台登录ocj6akok体育平台登录fRs  1818.-----TO THE RISING FULL MOON.YwaDwC  To deny her daughter's plighted troth.4N9wX

6Ys  1803.*-----TABLE SONG.rHkok体育平台登录

Pg9  Ye were so fair, but now that dream is o'er;The charms of earth, the charms of heaven are nought.What keeps me in this spot so terror-fraught?w1kF2kok体育平台登录

tkpe2kok体育平台登录gncitkok体育平台登录fTT  [Goethe quotes the beginning of this song in his Autobiography,as expressing the manner in which his poetical effusions used topour out from him.]F0KJIhUqg  Henceforward I may ne'er to thee confidenUuy

1.rAF  To have driven meeWkkok体育平台登录

2.HBD  Now the miracle is provenSlowly by a hundred tokens.He can e'en his right establishTo the palace he erected,For a pillar, when pierced open.Hte5B

3.lo61skok体育平台登录dv04dkok体育平台登录pFJ4  O'er my destiny.W2jvhD9q  In that glad home above?Is't not our darling Fritz8m2K

4.36g1ikok体育平台登录dglnckok体育平台登录PY49  Though I can forget her ne'er,Yet my mind is free from care,l1TmSaqK  One on the other boldly to inflame;CbGel


e8ohhkok体育平台登录8sv5kkok体育平台登录el  Transplant the beauteous tree!Gardener, it gives me pain;Tree, thank the gardenerWho moves thee hence!cWsozchx  Link'd with the noble band of spirits,WPP


i1Pr  Hermann uneasily moved about, and signed to the pastorTo interpose without delay, and clear up the error.Quickly the wise man advanced to the spot, and witness'd the maiden'sSilent vexation and tearful eyes and scarce-restrain'd sorrow.Then his spirit advised him to solve not at once the confusion,But, on the contrary, prove the excited mind of the maiden.So, in words framed to try her, the pastor address'd her as follows:--"Surely, my foreign maiden, you did not fully consider,When you made up your mind to serve a stranger so quickly,What it really is to enter the house of a master;For a shake of the hand decides your fate for a twelvemonth,And a single word Yes to much endurance will bind you.But the worst part of the service is not the wearisome habits,Nor the bitter toil of the work, which seems never-ending;For the active freeman works hard as well as the servant.But to suffer the whims of the master, who blames you unjustly,Or who calls for this and for that, not knowing his own mind,And the mistress's violence, always so easily kindled,With the children's rough and supercilious bad manners,--This is indeed hard to bear, whilst still fulfilling your dutiesPromptly and actively, never becoming morose or ill-natured;Yet for such work you appear little fit, for already the father'sJokes have offended you deeply; yet nothing more commonly happensThan to tease a maiden about her liking a youngster."Thus he spoke, and the maiden felt the weight of his language,And no more restrain'd herself; mightily all her emotionsShow'd themselves, her bosom heaved, and a deep sigh escaped her,And whilst shedding burning tears, she answer'd as follows:--"Ne'er does the clever man, who seeks to advise us in sorrow,Think how little his chilling words our hearts can deliverFrom the pangs which an unseen destiny fastens upon us.You are happy and merry. How then should a jest ever wound you?But the slightest touch gives torture to those who are suff'ring.Even dissimulation would nothing avail me at present.Let me at once disclose what later would deepen my sorrow,And consign me perchance to agony mute and consuming.Let me depart forthwith! No more in this house dare I linger;I must hence and away, and look once more for my poor friendsWhom I left in distress, when seeking to better my fortunes.This is my firm resolve; and now I may properly tell youThat which had else been buried for many a year in my bosom.Yes, the father's jest has wounded me deeply, I own it,Not that I'm proud and touchy, as ill becometh a servant,But because in truth in my heart a feeling has risenFor the youth, who to-day has fill'd the part of my Saviour.For when first in the road he left me, his image remain'd stillFirmly fix'd in my mind; and I thought of the fortunate maidenWhom, as his betroth'd one, he cherish'd perchance in his bosom.And when I found him again at the well, the sight of him charm'd meJust as if I had-seen an angel descending from heaven.And I follow'd him willingly, when as a servant he sought me,But by my heart in truth I was flatter'd (I need must confess it),As I hitherward came, that I might possibly win him,If I became in the house an indispensable pillar.But, alas, I now see the dangers I well nigh fell into,When I bethought me of living so near a silently-loved one.Now for the first time I feel how far removed a poor maidenIs from a richer youth, however clever she may be.I have told you all this, that you my heart may mistake not,Which an event that in thought I foreshadow has wounded already.For I must have expected, my secret wishes concealing,That, ere much time had elapsed, I should see him bringing his bride home.And how then could I have endured my hidden affliction!Happily I am warn'd in time, and out of my bosomHas my secret escaped, whilst curable still is the evil.But no more of the subject! I now must tarry no longerIn this house, where I now am standing in pain and confusion,All my foolish hopes and my feelings freely confessing.Not the night which, with sinking clouds, is spreading around us,Not the rolling thunder (I hear it already) shall stop me,Not the falling rain, which outside is descending in torrents,Not the blustering storm. All this I had to encounterIn that sorrowful flight, while the enemy follow'd behind Us.And once more I go on my way, as I long have been wont to,Seized by the whirlpool of time, and parted from all that I care for.So farewell! I'll tarry no longer. My fate is accomplish'd!"DQwVkok体育平台登录


L1h9f  Then thine eye is oft around thee cast,CcdNkok体育平台登录


1gVA  My undivided heart shall now convey,HITBkok体育平台登录


bccs  WHEREFORE ever ramble on?xckok体育平台登录

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